The Cost Of Keeping Chickens

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When I first looked into keeping chickens the main thing that was a worry, was indeed the price and the costs involved. The good news is, it’s really not that expensive at all and there are plenty of ways to lower costs and keep things within budget.

Here is a quick run down of the general costs:

  • The coop can cost anywhere from completely free (recycled materials) up to £2000

  • The feed costs £15 for two bags (with 4 chickens this lasts me 3 months)

  • The chickens themselves depending on breed costs anywhere from free to £20

  • Bedding is required straw and sawdust which a bale of both cost £10 for the pair

The Chicken Coop

The chicken coop itself can be completely free so long as you are very confident at DIY and don’t mind looking around for free materials and timbers. I created mine myself from pallets that a local farmer was selling for £2 per pallet and that included delivery, literally everything I needed was recycled, even the nest! My coop costs were around £10, here is the finished coop…

cost of keeping chickens

If you are not too confident in building your own or do not have the time there are plenty of other options for you. Once of those is looking on places such as Gumtree and Preloved, you can also check out local shops where they advertise, this is great for me since I live all around farms and they sell them really cheap and want them gone asap so it is an easy buy.

Furthermore, you can purchase a brand new one and the options are endless. Buying a brand new one is a little bit more expensive but you will have peace of mind that no other chickens have been in it and it will be fresh and clean. Depending on your budget and how many girls you would like to have, here are some options right from Amazon:

The Feed

Chicken feed is so inexpensive, it is very cheap due to the fact chickens eat what we do. By that I mean they literally eat anything, even chicken itself! For example, come Sunday when the roast goes on and I have left overs on the plates and also left in the pans I will just mix that sucker up and throw it into the run and let them scratch and peck away at it. For more information on what Chickens can and cannot eat you can check out my other post here.

The Bedding

We all like a good sleep on a comfortable mattress, so do your girls. I am not saying go out and buy a slumber-land king sized memory foam, heck no! What they actually like is sawdust for the floor of the coop and also you will need straw for the nesting tray/box. These are both inexpensive, here in Hereford, UK I can buy a huge bale of sawdust and straw for just £10. Since I only clean mine out once a week (which is the norm) it means these two bales last quite a long time.

A Coop With A Run

I highly recommend you also look into purchasing or building a chicken run to keep your girls in, I made a huge mistake of giving them full rein over my garden (and my garden is huge). Within a few weeks I had no grass left and it went extremely muddy and boggy, believe me they scratch the heck out of your garden. They do this because they are looking for bugs and worms in the ground, this is why they make the perfect composter, for more on what I mean please check this composting post out.


I hope this article has cleared up much of your budgeting questions, it truly is not that expensive to keep chickens at all. Let’s face it, the rewards are fantastic.. if you look after your girls, they will give you a nice supply of fresh, free range eggs. Not only this, they will make fantastic pets, a lot of people told me that adult birds do not like being handled but I think this is not true, since when I go into my coop the girls all crouch down waiting for me the pet them or pick them up and fuss them.


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