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The FeelgoodUK Chicken Coop is for the backyard beginner, for those who are just starting out and would like to keep 2-3 hens. When starting out it is recommended to start small so you can get a feel for looking after and caring for your girls. This is one of the reasons I decided to review this particular coop, for one it is one of Amazon’s best sellers and has been for some time and secondly it is the perfect coop to start out with.

feelgooduk chicken coop

The Cost

This particular coop is currently going on Amazon (at the time of writing this) for around £90 though they usually sell it cheaper for a secondhand model. It is very temping to choose the cheapest option and go with used, I would not recommend this for obvious reasons, you do not know what condition it will arrive in and if anything will actually be missing! Why take that risk?


It is excellent for the backyard chicken beginner, the coop also comes with its very own run which will contain your hens during the day so they do not destroy your grass, flowers and other garden grows. The FeelGoodUK Chicken Coop also has an external nesting box which allows you to collect eggs very easily without having to open the main coop area.

You are also able to access the run to throw in some kitchen scraps or other treats you would like to feed your hens, we are all guilty of treating our birds to a treat or two!

Clean the coop with ease as it comes with a slide-out galvanized steel dirty tray which makes for super easy cleaning – one thing I do recommend during the clean up is opening the main door to the coop and scraping the poop off into the tray before removing this will reduce the time spent cleaning.

Another fantastic thing I found with this coop, the fact it has no felt. Felt gets old with each passing year and tends to look a little tatty, the same applies to garden shed roofs. Don’t worry it is still water tight. It just means as opposed to felt and having to replace it. After a couple of years it will just need a little splash of paint to brighten it up.


Since I have 4 chickens I felt the run was a little bit small, that is, until I found they sell an extension for the run, even so, I thought it was still a con. I also felt the wood itself was a little flimsy and sometimes splintered when trying to screw in the screws given in the pack – I think this is a case of “You get what you pay for”.

At the time of ordering the model was out of stock so I do recommend you get in there quick if there are any in stock. I had to wait two weeks until they had them back in.

What People On Amazon Say…

These are the reviews I found on Amazon that real customers of the FeelGoodUK Chicken Coop have left. I have listed some mixed reviews for your viewing as I did not think it was fair to list just the good ones.

feelgooduk review

foodgooduk reviews


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