Down In The Coop was started to have you (the reader) in mind!

The plan was not to have a blog that just babbles on about useless rubbish information, I want to provide very high quality and in-depth articles about many of the questions people ask on-line today about keeping backyard chickens. Taking it right from basics, right from ground zero and take it all the way up to breeding.

Areas Down In The Coop Plans To Cover:

  • The Basics – Covering topics such as start-up costs, planning where to put the coop and the general basics.
  • Buying/Building Coops – Whether you plan to build or buy a coop I would like to cover both of these topics for you.
  • Different Breeds – Touch upon the topics of breed temperament, the ease of caring for each breed and more.
  • Disease and pests – These topics are a must to keep happy and healthy flocks of hens.
  • Breeding – Building or buying incubators and breeders.

For a quick basic guide on start-up costs, you can visit: The Cost Of Keeping Chickens

Aside from this I am also going to be producing books for the Kindle and in PDF form, these will be available for download via the newsletter sign-up so when you get the chance you can sign up to the newsletter on the right of this page.

A Little Bit About Me

I am 28 years old and currently live in Ludlow, Herefordshire. Ludlow is surrounded by pure farmland so it just came naturally to invest in my own livestock, I have never looked back! 5 years later I still have plenty of flocks and different breeds pecking away inside their runs and coops – which I have created myself with absolutely zero DIY experience, which is what I plan on passing onto you.

about us

Me with four of the girls – mid build on a coop!


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